What We Do

We are here to help you with all plumbing and heating problems you have at work or business. The services that we offer are available to you if you live in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Do you have any questions? Contact us today at (780) 462-2225 or 


Toilet & Sink Repair

If your kitchen or bathroom sink is leaking or plugged, your sink needs to be fixed. If your toilet is leaking, keeps running, or will not flush, call us today to help you.


Hot Water Tank Repair and Install

We have the best prices in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our work includes hot water tank installs of 40 and 50 gallons. We also install AO Smith tanks in homes and commercial buildings.


Furnace Repair

If you can't feel heat or hear a screeching sound inside the furnace, look for air codes on your furnace, give us a call.


Toilet and Sink Plugged

If water isn't running and the toilet or sink water is backing up, give us a call.


Sink Leaks

If your kitchen or bathroom sink is leaking, check underneath the kitchen and bathroom sink for water stains.


Shower Repairs

If the shower handle is constantly leaking or the handle isn't turning, we are always here to take a look at it for you.


Kitchen Faucet Fixes

If there is water on the bottom of the faucet, we can look at it and do repairs to fix it.


Bathroom Sink Repair

If the piping under your bathroom sink is leaking, it could be plugged or cracked. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you.